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LEGO Propeller

Step 1

Parts: 1-2x2 round brick with axle hole, 2-2x2 round plates with axele hole, 2 minifig capes.

lego propeller parts


Step 2

Lay the capes on top of the 2x2 round brick so that 1 of the cape holes fits on a stud (opposite the other cape). Make sure that the cape hole that is not on the stud is symetrical to the other cape.

lego propeller parts


Step 3

Snap 1-2x2 round plates on top of the capes to secure them in place (the round plate can have a smooth top).

lego propeller parts


Step 3

This is the tricky part and takes patience. You will have to secure the 2nd cape holes to the bottom of the 2x2 round brick using the studs on the 2nd 2x2 plate like before except you will be doing it from the bottom and staggering to the next stud over (not the stud directly below the top one). Make sure that the 2 capes are symmetrical.

lego propeller parts

Now you can connect the propeller to a motor using an axle. Play with different motors and try gearing them up for more power (like the car design below). HAVE FUN EXPERIMENTING!.

lego propeller car

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